15 de jan de 2011

The Art and Family Constellations - Charaka Satyan Danaher

"What are family constellations?
Constellations are a simple yet profound method used to shed light on unhappiness and situations that trouble us in our lives. They can reveal fuller, unspoken dynamics of the family, friendships, professional life and community. Constellations can bring to light hidden dynamics and loyalties which entangle us with others, helping us to discover ways of healing and resolution. When the inner order of the family is re-established with love, the way is free for our own potential and task. The process can be deeply moving and often shows surprising solutions."
Charaka Satyan Danaher
 "These pieces are based on the work of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations, which looks at the family as a collective soul, revealing that each family has a strong bond, regardless of what it seems on the outside, and regardless of whether the family feels or knows it. It highlights that situations that pass down generations and also our connections to the dead family members. Family constellations is a practice that can help and heal what seems like an impossible situation."



 So it carreies on

Mirror polished Steel, porcelain,Engraving 2008
"Constelação familiar  é uma nova abordagem terapêutica, um processo de cura experiencial desenvolvido por Bert Hellinger que descobriu que parte dos problemas que enfrentamos se deve a fatos que aconteceram com outros membros de nossas famílias e não a eventos da nossa própria historia."  Por Nathalie Favaron 

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