2 de fev de 2011

Bowl - by Raija Tuumi for Arabia 1966

Raija Tuumi
The complete simplicity of form characteristic of her bowls and dishes gives her products strenght and endows them with an original charm, such as is often to be typical of Finnish pottery. After leaving Arabia, Tuumi worked for a few years for her own Studio Jousapot.
”Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose”, architect and designer Charles Eames claimed. This is a classical definition of design and this rational design principle, promoted by the Modern movement, represents the basis from which 20th Century Design has evolved."

"The concept of design is relatively new, it is a product of modern, industrialized society. During the last century, individuals have used the stimulus of global technological, political and social developments to design products that have influenced the look of the world as we know it today."

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