19 de mai de 2011

Holey Jolly Cup - by Makiko Nakamura


"Drinking’ is a daily action we do everyday though we are hardly conscious of it. Most of the people do not pay attention to the cup as long as it can hold the drink. Though actually we are spending a lot of time on drinking tea, coffee or something. It should be more enjoyable! I imbue the action of ‘drinking’ with a poetic delicacy by this cup. This is made of Porcelain and made through the double skin structure. I created the holes on the outside form so that you can see the beyond the surface, hidden inner form and color inside. This structure also enables you to hold the hot drink without burning your hands. ‘The Holey Jolly cup’ is an invitation to enjoy your time over the drink." Mikiko   design boom

Interessante projeto de Makiko Nakamura, a caneca em porcelana toda furada.
Seu trabalho foi  apresentado em Seoul Design Fair 2010 onde
recebeu o prêmio Seoul International Competition 2010.

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