27 de jul de 2011

Arena Castelão Copa 2014

Vídeo do Azul Serra para o Estádio do Castelão de Forteleza para Copa de 2014.

This is the Oficial Animation of the stadium of Fortaleza. Host City for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

This is going to be one of the biggest stadium of the Cup (about 67,000 seats), and there is a good chance that it will stage important matches as semi final.

I had the oportunity to direct this video with an incredible and efficient crew,
Check it out

Directed by: Azul Serra

3D Animation: Gabriel Farias PLANOMOTOR

Motion Designer: James Worsley

Sound Design: Tobias Kraco e Andre Ricardo "NOISESTUDIO"

Arquitecture Projetc: Vigliecca&Assoc

Engeneer Companys: MD, Projeto Alpha, Penger, Techna, Fase, ComAru, STO, Audium


Governo do Ceára

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