16 de dez de 2011


Greg Minah is an abstract painter who has created his own unique process of painting. He pours thinned out acrylic paint on a flat canvas and then spins and tilts the canvas to manipulate the flow of the paint. He adds layer upon layer in this same manner and often times removes the layer partially with pressurized water, usually leaving an outline behind. Each layer is a series of decisions as to what color to add next, where to pour it and how to guide the paint. The controlled chaos of the many layers of looped colors, shapes and lines make these paintings intriguing."
Williamson, Caroline. "Greg Minah," Design-milk.com
This video highlights the process of painting that I have developed over the last few years. A camera mount was constructed and attached to the stretcher frame so that as the canvas was manipulated to control the flow of the paint, the camera moved along with it. While many of the early layers are eventually hidden from view, they remain integral to the overall process since each step is a response to what came before.

Greg Minah creates his abstract paintings by pouring thinned out acrylic paint onto the canvas and then tilting and turning the stretcher to precisely control the flow of the medium. Often, a layer is partially removed with pressurized water before it has a chance to completely cure, leaving only the outline of the poured paint and revealing the multi-layered construction of the work. This method of working might best be described as a collaboration between artist and material. The result is a lyrical moment suspended in time but the significance remains fluid as it relies entirely on the encounter with the viewer. 

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  1. el primero sobretodo me ha encantado, es impresionante!

    gracias Malu y Felices Fiestas,


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