26 de jan de 2012

Designer - Giorgia Zanellato

 Collection of Beautiful Mirror Vases on design Millenium. In the Greek mythology there was a legend about Narcissus – it was a guy who fell in love with himself. He spent days looking at his reflection. Italian design Giorgia Zanellato created a vase collection called Narciso. Why such a name? Because this vase gives you an opportunity to enjoy the whole beauty of any flower, even the simplest and the smallest one. It’s done thanks to cleverly-positioned mirrors. There are six different vases made of borosilicate glass, powder-coated alluminium and mirrored stainless steel. You can draw attention to the flowers, display them and enjoy the natural beauty. This collection shows flowers from an absolutely different point of view.  Design Millenium

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  1. Oi... obrigado pelo prazer que vc proporciona com suas postagens.


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