11 de mar de 2012

A Perfect Arrangement

Mizzonk- a Canadian art studio creates interactive and therapeutic artwork. Made out of clay and wood, "A Perfect Arrangement" invites people to play and connect to themselves or to other people. "A Perfect Arrangement" comes with a box containing 60 handmade clay pots and a signed platform. Why clay pot? The small clay pots are formed individually by hand. Since ancient times, in pottery making, the form of a pot is often compared to the form of a human figure. These clay pots allow us to examine the possibilities of animating the pots. By doing so, we ask, Will we find a connection to the ancient form and will we see ourselves in these forms? Presented in a small scale, each pot is different in size and shape which animates into a unique personality and body language. 
 Limited Edition Artwork created by artists Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen at Mizzonk, B.C. Canada.

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