27 de jan de 2011

Studio Glithero

Design Museum London
"Blueware Vases are the result of a process that captures direct impressions of botanical specimens on ceramics using light and photo sensitive chemicals.
Using age-old preserving techniques, humble weeds of inner London borough pavements are pressed, dried and then composed between plates of glass that function like photographic negatives. Working with light sensitive chemicals, the plates and tiles are then exposed under ultra violet light, which develops a photogram of the specimens in intense Prussian blue. What remains is a crisp white silhouette of the specimens, creating intricate floral designs of the subjects from root to tip." 

Big Dipper from Studio Glithero on Vimeo.
"BIG DIPPER (2007) creates candle-wax chandeliers by repeatedly dipping wicks into molten wax. Inspired by the traditional technique of candle making, the machine resembles a chandelier with two ring-shaped tiers that are counter-balanced to move up and down using a pulley system. On each large ring, twelve smaller rings are suspended creating a framework for configurations of looped of wick, which are one-by-one dipped into drums of melted wax, forming layers until they grow into a chandelier of eight candles. Because the process is unpredictable, each chandelier is unique."

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