26 de mai de 2011

Life in Color: Red - National Geographic

Golden Damselfish

Photograph by Tim Laman

Red, the color of human blood, symbolizes passion, fire, love, and anger. In Eastern cultures, it also connotes luck and prosperity. Red occurs throughout nature, from dying stars to dying leaves, and humans have evoked its powers for everything from politics to sports.
Here, a brilliant red sea fan coral spreads behind a golden damselfish in waters off Fiji’s Namenalala Island.

Iron-Rich Creek Bed  

Photograph by Michael Melford  

Iron-rich rocks create a rust-red creek bed for fast-flowing waters in Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park. The Canadian park lies across the international border from Montana's Glacier National Park.


Geisha's Lips

Photograph by Jodi Cobb

A geisha in Kyoto, Japan, applies the blood-red lipstick that completes her traditional makeup. Modern geisha carry on an ancient profession; they privately entertain Japan's rich and powerful men and maintain total confidentiality.

Schoolchildren With Umbrellas

Photograph by Jodi Cobb

Nothing can dampen the enthusiasm of Taipei schoolchildren gathered for a celebration of Double Ten, Taiwan's national day. Double Ten remembers the October 10, 1911, revolution that ended China’s last dynasty.

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