8 de jun de 2011

Susan Madacsi - artist/ blacksmith design/ creator

Trabalhando com ferro, como ferreiro, molda o metal em uma temperatura alta, e vai criando suas peças.

"Round platter,"
Wabi sabi series, 10 in. diameter, forged steel + enamel paint

"The Japanese word Wabi Sabi encompasses three basic concepts: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Wabi refers to authentic simplicity; whether it is a man made or a natural object. It may be transformed though its creation (use of material), or perhaps its utility (a worn, smooth, painted surface, a chipped rim on the edge of a cup). Sabi denotes the containment of beauty or serenity an object possesses through continued time, use, and experience. Imperfections and wear transform the object. Encounters and endurance contribute to its uniqueness and state of being. In Madacsi's work it is evidenced by the heavily textured surface gained through the forging process and worn patina of paint and rust. The surfaces will gradually change through time and build on the uniqueness and quality of each piece."

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