13 de jul de 2011

Melvin the Machine

"We think of innovation and invention as highly engineered, complex systems that are built by some mad scientist in a remote space.  The process results in long and layered equations, drawings and an endless source of references illustrated in a step by step process to further explain the construction of the device or machine. We have familiarized ourselves with this elaborate system through Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, even the coyote as he tries to invent ways to capture the road runner."
"Created by studio HEYHEYHEY for the 2010 Dutch Design Week, Melvin was featured for 10 days at the MU artspace where 14,000 people came to see it perform.
The idea behind Melvin is to capture a moment and make the experience worth more than the process itself.  With built in buttons and triggers connected to computers, Melvin is able to disguise the value of its task by mesmerizing the audience to follow the track of sequences but capturing the "moment" where they all share space and experience this piece of engineered art."

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