15 de ago de 2011


Superb porcelain basket handmade by irish born artist brian o sullivan at his studio at HILLGROVE PORCELAIN CAHIRCIVEEN CO KERRY IRELAND . This basket is 10" across and is fired 3 times takes appros 3 weeks to complete. 
Porcelain baskets of this quality and with this amount of detail are quiet rare today at Hillgrove Porcelain Cahirciveen Co Kerry Ireland these baskets are being made artist Brian O Sullivan in very limited numbers...the baskets are created from fine spaghetti like strands of porcelain which are extruded through a fine clay extruder...the fine strands are woven one a at a time over a molfd upsidedown ,then when the basket is semi dry they are removed from the mold and placed right side up then the slow prcocess of decorating with fine handmade flowers can begin some can take days to finish and at least a week to dry before it can be fired hillgrove porcelain baskets are fired 3 times up to 1300 degree.

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