10 de out de 2011

Knit Stools by Claire-Anne O´brien

 Claire-anne is a textile designer specialising in knitting. Originally from Ireland she has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art [2010] with a Masters in Textiles.
Her work plays with technique and scale creating playful and tactile fabrics for interiors. This sculptural approach to textiles brings fabrics to life in three dimensions through form exploration and furniture.

Inspired by elements of the knitted stitch itself such as rings and loops, the structures are revealed and celebrated through exaggerated scale in bold and textured forms. Lambswool and Sheeps wool, in a mix of hand and machine knit stitches, are constructed into playful statement pieces. 

 Based in Ladakh in the Himalayas, our role was to improve the quality of local knitted handicrafts. In collaboration with the local women we developed a range of knitted products which included hand knitted yaks, ibex, sheep and other animals native to the local region aswell as hand warmers and socks using traditional patterns and natural yarns. The women have continued to develop these products and now sell them along tourist trekking routes in the region.

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